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Опыт работы с 1994 года

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Nr Индикаторы
1 Safe Pivots
2 Same Direction
3 Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator by Jose Silva
4 Schaff Trend Cycle Oscillator by Jose Silva
5 Second-Highest High by Roy Larsen
6 Second – Highest High II
7 Self-Adjusting RSI by David Sepiashvili
8 Sell x Days After Entry (Timed Sell) by Roy Larsen
9 Semi-Intelligent Oscillator – CCT
11 Shifted TSMA Indicator
12 Short Term Trading Index by Norman Fosback
13 Short Volume Wave
14 Signal Accumulator by Jose Silva
15 Signal Count Within Date Period by Jose Silva
16 Signal/Value Accumulator by Jose Silva
17 Simple Channel
18 Simple Moving Average with Res. and Support by Dennis L. Tilley
19 Simple Moving Average w/Bands by Jose Silva
20 Sine Wave
21 Sine Weighted Moving Average by Patrick E. Lafferty
22 Single 60 Day Period BreakOut Signal Indicator
24 SIROC III by Jose Silva
25 SIROC IV by Jose Silva
26 Slope/ Close Indicator
27 Slope of a Line
28 Slope of a Linear Regression Line
29 SMA Ribbon by Jose Silva
30 Smart System Design – Long by Jose Silva
31 SMI
32 Smooth Acc/Dist
33 Smoothed Adapative Stochastic Oscillator
34 Smoothed DMI Index (20 Period MA) (#028a)
35 Smoothed Momentum
36 Smoothed Momentum w. Dynamic Bands
37 Smoothed Moving Average
38 Smoothed Offset Momentum
39 Smoothing Techniques (ILRS, T3) by Tim Tillson
40 Smoothed Offset Momentum w. Kase Filter
41 Smoothed Tick Momemtum Line – TASC
42 Special TRIX by Eddie Kwong
43 Spread & Volatility by Mark Conway and Aaron Behle
44 Squat Bar Variable Example by Bill Williams
45 Standard Deviation Bands by Gordon Gustafson
46 Standard Error Bands by Jon Anderson
46 STARC – SToller Average Range Channels
47 STIX Indicator
48 STIX Oscillator
49 Stochastic %D
50 Stochastic – Brann by Steve Brann
51 Stochastic – Example of hhv() Function
52 Stochastic Momentum (0 – 100)
53 Stochastic Momentum Index w. Kase Filter
54 Stochastic Momentum Indicator by William Blau
55 Stochastic Momentum Indicator II by Robert Lambert
57 Stochastic Momentum Indicator – Volume
58 Stochastic and RSI System
59 Stochastic Momentum – Plex
60 Stochastic Oscillator – Custom I
61 Stochastic Oscillator – Custom II
62 Stochastic Oscillator Monthly EMA by Roy Larsen
74 StochPVT Indicator
75 StochRSI ‘Alert’ Levels by Steve Karnish
76 StochRSI Oscillator by Craig DeHaan
77 StochRSI II
78 StTO Oscillator by Adam Hefner
79 Stop Loss Formula
80 Stop Loss Indicator by Eric Kendall
81 StoRSI Indicator by Steve Karnish
82 Summation Noise Indicator by Adam White
83 Support and Resistance
84 Support & Resistance – Peaks/Troughs by Jose Silva
85 Support and Resistance Levels
86 Suri Fibonacci Bands
87 SVAPO – Short-Term Volume And Price Oscillator by Sylvain Vervoort
88 Swing Chart
89 Swing Line
90 System Trade Signals by Jose Silva
Nr Торговые системы
2 Simple Fut WIG 20 System by Pawel Rejczak
3 Soybean Combo System by Markos Katsanos
4 Stochastic Cross Trading System
5 Stochastic MA System
6 Stochastic Simianer System Test
7 StochRSI System
8 Stock Rhythm System by Jeffrey Owen Katz
9 StoRSI Trading System by Steve Karnish
Nr Советники/Эксперты
1 Smoothed Stochastic Expert
2 Squelch Threshold by John Ehlers
3 Swing Trading Expert


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