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Опыт работы с 1994 года

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Nr Индикаторы
1 Absolute Breadth Index by Norman G. Fosback
2 Acceleration Bands
3 Accumulation / Distribution
4 Accumulation / Distribution – Special
5 Adaptive RSI by Perry Kaufman
6 Adaptive Trends and Oscillators by John Ehlers
7 Adaptive Zones Indicator
8 Adjustable Trading Bands by Tushar Chande
9 Advance / Decline Divergence Oscillator
10 Advance / Decline Line – Adaptative -> %A – %D by Piotr Kaleta
11 Advance / Decline Line – Adaptative -> [%A/%U] – [%D/%U] by Piotr Kaleta
12 Advance / Decline Line – New by Daniel E. Downing
13 Advance / Decline Line – with Negative Volume
14 Advance / Decline Ratio
15 Advance Issues Momentum (AIM) by Lawrence Chan and Louis Lin
16 ADX / ADXR Custom (Without Rounding)
17 ADX – Above
18 ADX – RAW
19 ADX – Rising
21 Affine Geometry by Viktor Likhovidov
22 Alligator Indicators by Bill William’s
23 Almost Zero Lag Moving Average
24 AMA Binary Wave
25 Anchored Momentum
26 Anchored Moving Average by Rakesh Sahgal
27 Another LRS-ROC Indicator
28 Anti Trigger by L. B. Raschke
29 Arms Ease of Movement
30 Arms Ease of Movement – Normalized
31 ARMS Index (TRIN)
32 ARMS (Open) Index
33 Aroon Indicators by Tushar Chande
34 Aroon Oscillator
35 Arun DTMA by Preston Umrysh
36 Atan OHLC Indicator
37 ATR Bands by Gordon Gustafson
38 ATR Bands II
39 ATR Based Stops by Rajat K. Bose
40 ATR Custom Indicator
41 ATR Exit 1
42 ATR Exit 2
43 ATR Modified
44 ATR Modified with Trailing Stops by Sylvain Vervoort
45 ATR Pivots
46 ATR Range by Mike Lucero
47 ATR Ratio
48 ATR Ratio to Close
49 ATR Trailing Stop Loss I
50 ATR Trailing Stop Loss II by Rajat K. Bose
51 ATR – True & Reverse by Jose Silva
52 Automatic Metastock Trendline Formula
54 Automatic Support and Resistance by Mel Widner
55 Average Dollar Price Volatility Indicator
56 Average of Multiple Moving Averages
57 Average – Modified Method by Perry J. Kaufman
58 Average Peak Excursion (APE) by Chris Young
59 Average True Range by Welles Wilder (Custom)
60 Average Volume
61 AVGC20.40
Nr Торговые системы
1 ADX & Linie Kierunkowe by Grzegorz Uraziński
2 Advance Issues Momentum (AIM) System by Lawrence Chan and Louis Lin
3 Alligator Trading System
4 ANTI Trigger Trading System by Linda Bradford Raschke
5 AT3 by Steve Burns
6 Automatic Support and Resistance Trading System by Mel Widner
Nr Советники/Эксперты
1 ADX with Stochastic Signals


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